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Bamix Hand Blender

The idea of Swiss inventor Roger Perrinjaquet, the Bamix hand blender / food processor was sold for the first time in 1954 and since then has rapidly become a highly sought-after kitchen accessory, used by many professional chefs. 

Precision engineered in Switzerland, each Bamix blender is powered by a quiet 2 speed motor and is designed for convenience, fitting comfortably in your hand and offering great versatility. The Bamix is the first hand-held food processor while also being the smallest food processor in the world with an impressively powerful motor.

Available in Bamix DeLuxe, Classic and Gastro 350 versions, these blenders feature multipurpose blades for chopping, whisking, pureeing and mixing many types of ingredients.

At Hurn and Hurn we stock the most sought-after Bamix blender designs. Discover these innovative hand blenders today.