4 Ways To Add Fun Lighting To Your Home

Are you looking to bring a touch of fun to your home decor? One great way to do this is through quirky decorative lighting designs; not only will they illuminate spaces in your home, they will also add colour and character. There are many ways to add fun lighting to your home. If you’re searching for inspiration, why not join us in exploring four of the best ways – neon lights, fun fairy & string lights, light up globes and children’s night lights.

1. Fun Neon Lights

One of the most fun forms of lighting, neon lights have a timeless charm and appeal which makes them ideal for both retro inspired and modern interiors. Neon lights are a perfect way to enhance a party atmosphere, as they are sure to make a bold style statement, liven up any room and help create a sense of fun. A wide variety of fun neon signs, wall lights and table lamps is available in a variety of colours, some featuring words and some with images only. What could be more fun than this uplifting Mini Neon Smiley Face Table Lamp? Find a space near any mains power socket, switch it on and see this cheerful face emit a bright yellow glow – your guests’ faces are likely to light up with smiles too:Neon Smiley Face Table Lamp

2. Fun Fairy, String & Festoon Lights

Colourful fairy lights, string and festoon lights are a great way to bring a fun look and feel to your home or garden, all year round or as decoration for celebrations and special occasions.

Some of the most fun fairy and string lights are PomPom Galore’s pom pom garland lights, featuring handmade soft acrylic yarn pom poms in various colourways, interspersed with warm white LEDs.

If you’re looking for fun string lights which can be used outdoors as well as indoors, this Set of 20 Multicoloured Solar Festoon LED String Lights would be ideal. The solar powered lights come on automatically at low light levels and automatically switch off 6 hours later. Suited to a modern or fun retro decor scheme, the brightly coloured lights would add a stylish finishing touch to a garden, along a wall or next to a seating area:

Multicoloured String Lights

3. Fun Light Up Globe Lamps

Light up globe lamps can bring a whole world of fun to your home decor, being as eye-catching as they are educational. Wild and Wolf offer a selection of stylish light up globes in their Wild Wood and Gentlemen’s Hardware collections, which will make fantastic gifts for many homes, especially for individuals, couples or families who are travelling enthusiasts.

Light up globes are available in a range of colours to suit a number of decor styles, and if you’re looking for one which will complement a bright and fun aesthetic, this striking 10″ Goldfish Orange Light Up Globe Lamp from the Wild Wood range is sure to stand out. The beautiful decorative globe lamp features over 2,000 place names including oceans, deserts, mountains, cities and countries:Wild & Wolf Wild Wood Light Up Globe Orange

4. Fun Children’s Night Lights

Children’s night lights not only bring a warm and comforting glow to a child’s bedside, they also often feature fun designs which make them great decorative additions both day and night.

Some of the most fun children’s night lights are Aloka’s colour changing LED remote control night lights, each featuring 12 colours and 4 different settings. Another highlight has to be iconic designs of Heico, such as the cute and friendly Sitting Bunny and Scottie Dog Terrier night lights. A Little Lovely Company offer some delightful night light designs such as a bee, butterfly and cloud, featuring lovely smiling expressions which are sure to make little ones smile before they drift off to their dreams.

If your child is a dog lover, this Blue Dog Balloon Light would be the perfect companion while adding a splash of vibrant colour to their room. A fun night light design with a unique twist, the battery powered balloon dog table lamp features a 30 minute sleep timer and can be turned on and off by squeezing the dog’s paw:

Dog Night Light

We hope this feature has provided a little inspiration and shown you a few ways to add fun lighting to your home. If you’d like to continue exploring how to do this, there’s a wide choice of quirky and fun lighting designs available from the brands mentioned here and many others, including a diverse range at Hurn & Hurn.

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