Plantasaurus Rex?

With the release of a certain film this week, dinosaur fans may appreciate our new Plantosaurus Rex Dinosaur Plant Pot.

To find a way to bring the Jurassic into your life, there’s no need to go to drastic measures;  the unusual plant pot can help you create your own mini dinosaur park in your home or office. The fun and quirky planter features a porcelain dinosaur design with a detailed ‘skin’ effect. It will be the perfect home for your indoor plants, especially succulents and cacti.

Other dinosaur plant pots are also available, including a Plantasaurus planter in the form of a Brontosaurus dinosaur, plus a Tricerapot planter for Triceratops fans.

If you love dinosaurs or know someone who does, why not discover Plantasaurus Rex and our other dinosaur plant pots?

Plantasaurus Rex

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