Stylish Lights For Summer Nights

Long summer evenings and lighter nights mean many of us stay up later, soaking up every last bit of sunshine and enjoying the warmth. While we all benefit from the mood-lifting natural light at both ends of the day this time of year, stylish lighting designs can bring those extra finishing touches to the decor of our homes and gardens, especially at night when the sunlight starts to fade.

Neon Party Lights

If you’re planning to make the most of the hot weather this summer by hosting a barbecue, dinner party or garden party, chances are your guests will be spending time both indoors and outdoors at your home. There are a myriad of marvellous ways to add illumination and atmsosphere to your summer get-together in the evening and night with stylish lights. For the living room, kitchen or home bar, neon lighting is sure to be a standout party decor addition. If the weather’s hot, hot, hot, this Chilli Neon Table Lamp has to be one of the hottest neon lights and the perfect accompaniment to capture the summer feeling in your interior:

Chilli Neon Table Lamp

Bright Bottle Lights

Looking for a light with a novel, inventive twist and a fun look for your summer parties or evenings at home? A decorative bottle light will help you combine your empty drinks bottle with a stylish cork shaped light, resulting in an eye-catching decoration and light in one, which can be placed on a table, windowsill or any other surface in the home or garden. USB rechargeable, Suck UK’s bottle lights come in Multicoloured, Fibre Optic Multicoloured and White, plus Bottle String Light and Candle Bottle Light varieties. The multicoloured ones would look particularly good at night – choose and change between the 7 colours and make a bright set like the one seen here with several bottle lights together, or in different places around a room if you prefer:

Multi Coloured Bottle Light

 Stunning Starburst Lights

Another statement lighting choice for any summer evening would be a stunning Starburst Light. Available as either battery powered hanging lights or solar powered stake lights, multiple beautiful and unusual starburst lights can be arranged in a room or garden for a visually impressive effect. Starburst stake lights would be ideal for the garden, while Small Hanging Starburst LED lights will look delightful above a dining table, offering cheerful and inviting light while also exuding style:

Starburst Copper Light

Crystal Lamps For Ambience

With the sun setting later on summer nights, you might not feel the need to switch all the main lights on at home. However, you may wish for lights to enhance the ambience of your living room while you are spending leisure time there, the hallway or entranceway for a welcoming feel when expecting visitors, the home office if you’re working late or the bedroom as you’re winding down before sleep. A perfect way to add that warm glow to any of these areas of your home could be crystal lighting, such as a table lamp made from Agate or Selenite. These crystal lamps are sure to shimmer and shine, looking especially elegant when lit but also catching any remaining natural light when switched off:

Agate Blue Table Lamp

Striking Seletti Monkey Lamps

If you’re looking for lighting designs which will create conversation as well as illumination on summer nights, striking Seletti Monkey Lamps will certainly make an impression. Available as a hanging, standing or sitting indoor monkey lamp, these quirky modern lamps are now available as an outdoor version which is perfect for use in the garden, with their white colourway being ideal for summer. This stylish Seletti monkey light is hanging from a rope while it helpfully holds up a light bulb to its surroundings:

White Monkey LampStylish String Lights For Summer Nights

An ever-popular decorative lighting favourite all year round, string lights lend themselves very well to the summer season due to the wide choice of designs which will add a summery feel to an interior or a great finishing touch to the garden. A cheerful chain of Felt Daisy Lights will bring a piece of summer into any room of the house, while chic Galaxy Silver warm white fairy lights will add a magical and elegant look to the interior or exterior of your home:

Daisy String Lights

Galaxy Silver String Lights

If you like vintage inspired designs, a set of amber coloured glass Edison Style bulb string lights would be a perfect way to adorn a tree in your garden, while those who prefer a clean white look may appreciate the White Solar Festoon Lights; being solar powered, lights such as these are also the ultimate way to store the daylight’s energy and keep enjoying it after dark:

Edison Bulb String Light

White Festoon Lights

We hope you’ve discovered inspiration and ideas for stylish lights to enhance your summer nights at home.

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