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Starburst Copper Hanging Light Ornament 05/07/2018
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Stylish Lights For Summer Nights

Long summer evenings and lighter nights mean many of us stay up later, soaking up every last bit of sunshine and enjoying the warmth. While we all benefit from the mood-lifting natural light at both ends of the day this time of year, stylish lighting designs can bring those extra finishing touches to the decor of our homes and gardens, especially at night when the sunlight starts to fade. Neon Party Lights If you’re planning to make the most of the hot weather this summer by hosting a barbecue, dinner... Read More

Pink Pom Pom Fairy Lights 04/06/2018

4 Ways To Add Fun Lighting To Your Home

Are you looking to bring a touch of fun to your home decor? One great way to do this is through quirky decorative lighting designs; not only will they illuminate spaces in your home, they will also add colour and character. There are many ways to add fun lighting to your home. If you’re searching for inspiration, why not join us in exploring four of the best ways – neon lights, fun fairy & string lights, light up globes and children’s night lights. 1. Fun Neon Lights One of the... Read More