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Bloomingville Assorted Green Glass Vessels On Paulownia Tray 11/02/2019

Interior Design Trends 2019

Do you want to get up to date with the most stylish interior design trends 2019 has to offer? Whether you’ll choose to add just one of these trends to your home, or a different one to every room, you may appreciate this brief overview of what’s current and expected to remain popular in 2019’s decorating trends, based on what’s been featured widely in the press, as well as predictions by leading interiors experts. Interior Design Trends 2019 Maximise The Texture One of the most exciting interior design trends for 2019... Read More

New Neon Lighting 12/08/2018

New Neon Lighting Designs

We’ve now added a number of striking new designs to our selection of Neon Lights. Perfect for adding a bright burst of colour and illumination to your home decor, for parties or everyday use, they are sure to be adored by neon fans. If you’re planning on hosting a party at home, one of the new Acrylic Neon Sign Light Boxes would be ideal for creating a fun atmosphere; you could place a Cocktails neon sign by the home bar or a Disco light sign on a surface near where the... Read More

Neon Chilli Table Lamp 06/07/2018

Neon Chilli Table Lamp

Feeling the heat? Like the weather at the moment, this vibrant Neon Chilli Table Lamp is hot, hot hot! The bold and bright red and green neon light will bring a warm glow to any living room, kitchen or home bar, and is the perfect way to spice up your summer party: Neon Chilli Table Lamp

Suck UK Multicolour Bottle Light 28/06/2018

How To Make The Most Of Your Summer At Home

Whether you’re planning a summer holiday abroad, a staycation or staying at home all summer, chances are you’re spending some of the warmer season in and around your home. Why not discover with us how to make the most of your summer at home, with summery homeware, practical accessories and decorative lighting designs? Keep Your Drinks Cool You may be a big fan of hot weather, or perhaps the heat makes you want to put the fan on the highest setting. Either way, you’re likely to appreciate a refreshing cold... Read More

Pink Pom Pom Fairy Lights 04/06/2018

4 Ways To Add Fun Lighting To Your Home

Are you looking to bring a touch of fun to your home decor? One great way to do this is through quirky decorative lighting designs; not only will they illuminate spaces in your home, they will also add colour and character. There are many ways to add fun lighting to your home. If you’re searching for inspiration, why not join us in exploring four of the best ways – neon lights, fun fairy & string lights, light up globes and children’s night lights. 1. Fun Neon Lights One of the... Read More

Neon Lights & Home Decor 11/05/2018

5 Ways To Add The Neon Trend To Your Home

Neon lighting and decorative accessories are both nostalgic and now, evoking retro charm and appeal while also being ideal for modern interiors. This innovative form of tube lighting was first introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1910 by French engineer and inventor Georges Claude, also known as ‘the Edison of France’. Neon rapidly became popular for displays and signs in the 1920s and 1930s and is seen as iconic of those decades; during that period neon lights could be seen all over the USA, while the love of these... Read More

Unusual Mirror 16/04/2018

Are We Going Back To The 80s?

The Eighties are making a comeback, loud and clear. With a number of recent blockbuster releases being sequels to 80s movies or featuring 80s soundtracks, current TV adverts set to classic 80s songs and even Top Of The Pops reruns focusing on the decade, the 80s are everywhere. As with music and film, so with interiors; 80s inspired homeware and decor is showing signs of becoming a big trend in 2018. Distinctly retro in style, 80s home decor designs evoke nostalgia while at the same time exuding a timelessly modern... Read More

Love Your Home 11/02/2018

Love Your Home

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and given the love many of you have for your homes, we are pleased to present our latest collection: Love Your Home. A collection we hope Cupid would approve of, it comprises a carefully curated choice of home accessories, with many of them featuring love-related designs or romantic reds and pinks. We hope this exclusive edit will offer inspiration and help you add a touch of romance to your abode. Well chosen lighting can instantly create a lovely warm ambience in any room; with this in mind we’ve... Read More

Original Lighting Designs 12/11/2017

Original Lighting Designs

As the evenings get darker earlier, now may be the perfect time to treat yourself (and home) to some additional lighting and add a stylish sparkle to your abode. Our carefully curated collection of unusual lighting features many original designs, including a number of new lights for autumn and winter. A highlight of the collection is neon lighting. The current revival of this trend shows no sign of fading and is reflected in our range with a selection of bold and bright retro neon signs, wall lights and table lamps.... Read More