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Hurn & Hurn Discoveries Bar Neon Table Lamp With Concrete Base - Red & Yellow 09/08/2019

Where’s the Bar?

Bring your home bar to life instantly with this bold new Bar Neon Table Lamp in red, with a striking yellow underline and understated industrial concrete base. None of your guests will be asking where they can get a refill; this stylish neon bar sign will make it clear where the bar is, even after a few drinks: Discover this design and more in the full collection of neon lights at Hurn and Hurn.

New Neon Lighting 12/08/2018

New Neon Lighting Designs

We’ve now added a number of striking new designs to our selection of Neon Lights. Perfect for adding a bright burst of colour and illumination to your home decor, for parties or everyday use, they are sure to be adored by neon fans. If you’re planning on hosting a party at home, one of the new Acrylic Neon Sign Light Boxes would be ideal for creating a fun atmosphere; you could place a Cocktails neon sign by the home bar or a Disco light sign on a surface near where the... Read More

Pink Pom Pom Fairy Lights 04/06/2018

4 Ways To Add Fun Lighting To Your Home

Are you looking to bring a touch of fun to your home decor? One great way to do this is through quirky decorative lighting designs; not only will they illuminate spaces in your home, they will also add colour and character. There are many ways to add fun lighting to your home. If you’re searching for inspiration, why not join us in exploring four of the best ways – neon lights, fun fairy & string lights, light up globes and children’s night lights. 1. Fun Neon Lights One of the... Read More

Neon Lights & Home Decor 11/05/2018

5 Ways To Add The Neon Trend To Your Home

Neon lighting and decorative accessories are both nostalgic and now, evoking retro charm and appeal while also being ideal for modern interiors. This innovative form of tube lighting was first introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1910 by French engineer and inventor Georges Claude, also known as ‘the Edison of France’. Neon rapidly became popular for displays and signs in the 1920s and 1930s and is seen as iconic of those decades; during that period neon lights could be seen all over the USA, while the love of these... Read More