Unusual Home Decor

Serax 12/08/2019

Serax Now In Stock

We are now stocking stylish home accessories by Serax. A brand with a mission ‘to experience, to share and to discover’, Serax capture the beauty of everyday life in their designs to create a happy feel in your home interior. Founded in 1986 by two brothers Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche, Serax is now a multinational company. Based at their office in Antwerp, Belgium, the company is now led by Axel, with his wife Marie Michielssen as the in-house designer. A family business with passion running through their veins,... Read More

House Doctor Como Black Iron Plant Pot 18/07/2019

House Doctor Como Black Iron Planter

Time for another remedy from House Doctor? The Como Black Iron Planter complements a darker Scandinavian look, while its flecks of brown give a lighter touch to offset the overall tone of the room and bring in some variation. Notice how the plant pot catches the light without drawing your attention away from the plant inside: Discover more great remedies for your home in the full House Doctor collection at Hurn and Hurn.

Hurn & Hurn Discoveries 08/07/2019

Discover Distinctive New Homeware

Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy adding lots of exciting new designs to our Hurn & Hurn Discoveries collection. With quirky decor designs from frog magnifying glass domes to a pair of mice sitting on a cotton reel and ball of string, the new home decor discoveries are sure to start a conversation or two. Unusual industrial inspired storage solutions are another highlight, plus unique clocks with character and fun decorative lighting to enhance the home and garden this summer and beyond. If you haven’t already, why not... Read More

Pols Potten Waxine Butterflies Spinning Tealight Candle Holder 22/03/2019

Butterflies Fluttering By

Now spring has sprung, we’re likely to start seeing butterflies fluttering by soon. You can bring spring in with the new and enchanting Pols Potten Waxine Butterflies Spinning Tealight Candle Holder, following on from their charming original Waxine Birds Spinning Tealight Candle Holder. Watch the colourful butterflies elegantly flying around on your dining table, as the heat from the candle makes the angled blades spin round and cast shadows on nearby surfaces. Admire them while they flutter by.

Hurn & Hurn Discoveries Bronze Strong Men Bookends Pair 31/01/2019

Bronze Strong-Men Bookends? It Figures…

One of the latest additions to the Hurn & Hurn Discoveries collection, these Bronze Strong-Men Bookends make the tough job of propping up your favourite books look almost effortless. In two different poses, with one man leaning his back against the books and the other bracing a shoulder against them on the other side, the pair of resin figures are a perfectly balanced team. A wonderful gift idea for book lovers or anyone who is trying to achieve a contemporary maximalist feel in their home library, these two unusual bookends... Read More

Pols Potten Collision Large Glass Vase Amber 21/01/2019

A Collision Of Colour

Introducing the new Pols Potten Large Amber Collision Glass Vase. Showing how beautiful colours can be when they collide, the distinctive vase blends tones of amber and gold swirls for a liquidlike look, which is also achieved through the flowing shapes of the vase itself. This unusual vase will add elegance and sophistication to many interiors. It would look especially wonderful on a dining room table with a bouquet of flowers, or anywhere near a window where it can catch the light and its true colours can be seen. A... Read More

New Hurn and Hurn Discoveries 28/10/2018

Discover Our Latest Discoveries

We’re pleased to announce that 150+ new designs have been added to our Hurn & Hurn Discoveries collection over the last few weeks. Discover all the latest of our stylish and unusual discoveries, comprising quirky home accessories and original gifts, plus a number of Christmas designs for the early birds among you: New Hurn & Hurn Discoveries

Brass Giraffe Ornament 17/09/2018

A Brass Giraffe Or Two?

Today we’re celebrating unusual giraffes, in honour of the rare Rothschild’s giraffe calf born at Woburn Safari park a few days ago. These unique Small and Large Brass Giraffe Figures from the Hurn & Hurn Discoveries collection will make a lovely set you can bring home. They will look beautiful in a hallway, on an office desk or in the living room. Discover these glamorous gold giraffes today: Brass Giraffes    

Diesel Living With Seletti Ornament 17/08/2018

Diesel Living With Seletti Bite For Your Right Jaw Ornament

If you’re looking for an unusual decorative piece which will make your guests’ jaws drop, this eye-catching detailed replica ‘Bite For Your Right’ Silver Aluminium Ornament by Diesel Living & Seletti is likely to make an impression. Great for adding a wild side to your interior, the striking freestanding animal jaw ornament will make a style statement in any home, hotel, restaurant, bar or office. Part of the ‘Wunderkammer’ collection and presented in a stylish gift box, this animal jaw sculpture would be a curious and original gift idea. Discover... Read More

Multicoloured Mobile 01/08/2018

Marvellous Mobiles

Hanging mobiles have a whimsical charm and soothing quality about them, with their gentle movements and often colourful designs making them perfect for children’s rooms. Mobiles can be equally wonderful home decor additions for adults too, as there are a myriad of marvellous designs to suit many ages and interests, many of which will look fantastic in a bedroom, living room, hallway or office. Some of the most appealing mobiles available include designs by Authentic Models, Fiona Walker England and Flensted Mobiles. Authentic Models Mobiles If you dream of flying up,... Read More