White Home Accessories

Winter Collection 04/01/2019

Winter Collection

We are pleased to present our Winter Collection of home accessories, homeware and decor, featuring many products and designs ideal for adding a cool look to your home this season and all year round. The collection comprises a cool palette of deep blues and calming greys reminiscent of winter skies, clean and crisp whites for a snowy, frosty feel and clear glass accessories for an icy effect, plus glistening silvery tones and mixed wintry colours. Here is a small selection, arranged by colour, which we hope will offer inspiration: Winter Blues... Read More

Umbra Jewellery Stand 21/03/2018
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Contemporary Home Accessories & Decor

Contemporary means ‘modern, or relating to the present’. It follows, then, that contemporary as an interior style is timelessly modern and constantly evolving to fit what is current. Current contemporary style is an aesthetic which creates a spacious, uncluttered or ‘clean’ feel. This understated elegance can be achieved through the use of predominantly neutral colours such as white, grey and black, materials such as glass and metal, minimal details and smooth lines. The look is balanced and softened by rounded shapes and plush textures, resulting in an overall interior style... Read More

Winter Homeware Collection 07/01/2018
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Wonderful Winter Homeware

We’re pleased to present our 2018 Winter Collection of stylish and unusual homeware, home accessories and gifts. The collection comprises accessories that are perfect for bringing a cool look to your home for winter and all year round. It features designs ideal for winter and hues such as calming white, understated grey and refreshing blue to suit this season. Highlights include furniture, lighting, clocks, tableware, serveware and throws. An original design classic, Holly Palmer’s Giant White Tea Cup Stool / Side Table will add timeless character to any room. Following on... Read More


Modern White Homeware

Clean and crisp, modern white homeware is a trend that shows no sign of ending An ideal addition to many interiors, white homewares are ideal for a white on white scheme or for many other colour schemes and can be used as accents to add a modern look to most rooms. With many stylish, must have home accessories available in white and a number of exciting new designs recently released, there has never been a better time to add this classic and timeless colour to your home. Discover our collection... Read More


Hot White Homeware

Very much on trend, white homeware is modern, clean and crisp. With many of the most stylish, must have home accessories available in white, we thought it was time we ran a feature on homeware in this classic and timeless colour. Ideal for a white on white scheme or for most other colour schemes, white homewares can be used to add a calming, refreshing touch to a kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, hallway or bedroom. Discover our collection of white homewares today: Hot White Homeware