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Stoneglow Candles

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Stoneglow candles are high quality handmade home fragrances, all of them manufactured in England with some of the botanicals also being grown and harvested in the UK. Stoneglow's own unique secret blend of natural wax results in Stoneglow candles having a clean burn and delightful scent throw.

Stoneglow take pride in attention to detail, each of their candles being designed and tested in-house. The scents and wax in Stoneglow candles are carefully hand blended and poured, each candle then being carefully checked before being wrapped.

Stoneglow candles are ideal for enhancing the ambience of a room, whether you wish to enjoy a relaxing bath, cosy dining or a casual evening with friends.

There is a wide choice of Stoneglow candle designs with a number of scents available in each design. From the natural aromas of the Botanical collection to the more exotic blends of the Orchid Noir and White Orchid ranges, there are sure to be Stoneglow candles to suit many scent preferences.

If you're looking for refined sophistication in your home decor scheme, Stoneglow Metallique candles may be ideal, while the Modern Classics and Nature's Friend ranges have a simple and understated look.

Presented in attractive and colourful gift boxes, Stoneglow candles will make excellent gifts for special occasions and individuals. As as pleasing to the eye as they are aromatic, these lovely home fragrances are sure to be appreciated for their strong sensory appeal and would be stylish finishing touches to many homes.